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May 2, 2010 at 4:57 pm (Things I'm thinking about) (, , )

Does God Have a Specific Plan for Your Life? Probably Not..

This isn’t going to become a copy and paste blog, i promise. But as the desire to dream begins to stir in me again, this one caught my eye. sometime in the weeks to come i’ll write my thoughts on “individual plans” for your life – a myth i believe we’ve sucked up because hey, we live in an individualistic world where everybody wants to be special (Heroes?) More on that later. for now, think on this…

‘If God is fathering us, He is helping us discover what is good, right, pure, and worthy to pursue. He teaches us morality and ethics, but also gave us a heart filled with desire and longing. It’s as though God sets before us a big sheet of butcher paper and hands us a box of crayons and tells us to dream.

If God has something specific for you, you’ll know, I promise. But if He is setting a box of crayons down in front of you (a box of crayons called life) then by all means draw. He’s taught you right from wrong, good from bad, beautiful from profane, so draw. He will be with you, proud of you, cheering you on, so draw. He loves you, so draw in the inspiration of the knowledge of His love. Draw a purple horse, a red ocean, a nine-legged dog, it doesn’t matter. Lets stop being so afraid. Lets live, and show the world what it really means to be grateful we don’t live in a dysfunctional family.”

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