On getting things a little confused

Sometimes it’s easy to confuse things for other things. This has happened to me a lot these past two years.

For example, I’ve confused:

Saying hi to my neighbor with Loving my neighbor

Frugality with Simplicity

Thriftiness with Ethicality

Necessity with Caring for the earth

Talking about doing justice with Doing justice

Sharing a house with Sharing life

Lending someone my power with Empowerment

Making a meal with Hospitality

Cleaning the floor with Loving my husband

Talking about intentional community with Nurturing deep and invested relationships

Not hitting people with Non-violence

Frustration with Anger

Thinking about the things I’m praying for with Praying

Curbing my desires and wants with Being content with what I have

Buying less expensive stuff with Buying less stuff

Relying on public transportation with Slowing down

Eating more vegetables with Creating a healthier relationship to food

Working a 30 hour week with Creating healthy work/life balances

Liking a status with Connecting with a friend

Sharing a post with Transforming my mind

Quoting statistics with Knowing what I’m talking about

Pulling the middle finger with Not putting too much weight in people’s opinions of me

Saying its okay with Forgiving

Pulling the sheets straight with Making the bed


What things have you confused recently?


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