on dislikes.

I LOVE living in this neighborhood. But there are some almost-daily occurances that get me. My top ten dislikes in no particular order are:

1. Mice that live in our stove (and an almost-constant sprinkling of mice poo on our counters, on our shelves, on our stove and behind the sink)

2. Car alarms that are sound-activated in a community that lives loudly on the streets – music blaring almost non-stop, sirens several times a day, kids out till 11pm and intermittent fights, parties and across-block conversations make this a BAD idea.

3. Cockroaches that live behind the LED time-display in our microwave.

4. M.F.er music

5. Dust that NEVER goes away

6. Trash

7. Long lines and one cashier at Walgreens

8. Hands-down-pants as a general cool-don’t-care-bout-nothin’-or-noone look. Pretty much like the crack-baggy-pants on steroids

9. Wolf-whistles and proposals almost every time I walk to or from work

10. Tiny square-inch packets that lie around – discarded remnants of a life-sucking high.


2 thoughts on “on dislikes.

  1. taking care of #6 would take care of #3 and #1 on your list. 7 more to go before you have nothing to dislike in your neighborhood !

    You guys are doing such good work. I am sure that the rest of the list will shrink in God’s time.
    love. kF

  2. Are you sure you don’t live next to me!? I hear you on at least half of these things. Some days it seems trivial in comparison to the big picture/grand scheme of life; on other days it’s all I can do to not focus on *those* details.

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